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Atlantic County Healthy Families

Atlantic County Healthy Families helps good parents become great parents. This evidence-based, home-visiting program is rooted in the belief that early, nurturing relationships are the foundation for lifelong, healthy development. Interactions with client families are relationship-based, family centered, culturally sensitive and designed to promote positive parent-child relationships. Healthy Families aims to improve children's social and emotional well-being, increase school readiness, promote physical health and development, increase access to primary medical care and community services and decrease childhood injuries. The rigorous training requirements to maintain Healthy Families affiliation status assures a knowledgeable and well-informed workforce.

Atlantic County Healthy Families is an affiliate of Healthy Families of America.

Healthy Families is open to individuals in Atlantic County who are pregnant or have a newborn under 3 months of age.

To learn more, call 609-345-6420 or email