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Lead and Healthy Homes

The family home is supposed to be a source of refuge and safety. Unfortunately, many South Jersey families live in houses that present a host of unseen dangers. Hazards can include everything from lead-based paint and mold to pests and cleaning supplies, all of which have the potential to cause serious health problems.

Fortunately, families can take special measures to protect themselves. We help educate South Jersey families about these dangers by teaching them best practices in lead poisoning prevention, green cleaning and home maintenance.


High levels of lead in the blood can cause brain damage and permanent developmental problems in children. The most common source of childhood lead poisoning is the dust from lead-based paint. While lead paint was banned in 1978, much of South Jersey's housing stock had already been built. Lead and Healthy Homes helps families mitigate this danger by providing free lead testing kits and resources on lead-safe practices.


Common household cleaning products and practices - like using bleach and pesticides - can be very dangerous if not handled properly. Lead and Healthy Homes offers helpful resources to those interested in home safety and renovation. Areas of focus include mold and mildew, pests, exposure to toxins through misuse of chemicals such as bleach and air fresheners and preventable injuries like slips, trips and falls. 

Southern Regional Lead and Healthy Homes Coalition

The Southern Regional Lead and Healthy Homes Coalition brings together people from many different backgrounds with an interest in solving South Jersey's lead problems. 

From contractors who promote lead-safe work practices and realtors who test homes prior to buying or selling them to parents who test their kids for blood-lead levels, the Coalition works within the community to develop solutions for the community.