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Mom's Quit Connection for Families

Mom’s Quit Connection for Families provides free and individualized support for pregnant and parenting individuals, their partners and family members who want to quit smoking or vaping. Knowing that a smoke-free home is the healthiest environment for everyone, the program serves all members of a family who live with or care for children 7 years old and younger.  

An experienced Quit Coach provides one-on-one assistance to develop a customized quit plan, taking into account an individual’s unique triggers and goals. Quit Coaches remain throughout the process, providing ongoing support and guidance to reach quit goals. The program is free, confidential and convenient. Quit Coaches are available either by phone or in-person. The program has helped hundreds of smokers quit or substantially curb their tobacco use. 

Mom's Quit Connection for Families serves New Jersey residents. Participants do not need to be ready to quit tobacco in order to begin the program. To learn more or to enroll, call 1-888-545-5191 or visit

Mom’s Quit Connection Experience

The Mom’s Quit Connection Experience gives viewers a sense of what the program offers. This 15-minute video features quit tips, program details and testimonials from actual clients about their experience throughout the quit process with their Quit Coach.

New Jersey Quitline

The New Jersey Quitline provides free telephone and website support services to help New Jersey residents, 18 and older, quit tobacco products. To learn more or to enroll, call 1-800-NJ STOPS (657-8677).