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System of Care

With origins firmly rooted in system enhancements (maternal and neonatal transport), the Cooperative is always alert to opportunities for improving the delivery of maternal and child health care in South Jersey. High value is placed on cost-effective, collaborative strategies that promote excellence and represent a wise use of scarce resources. Current initiatives include:

New Jersey Immunization Information System - The Cooperative supports this centralized database for immunization records of New Jersey children with on-site training and provider recruitment efforts. NJIIS is an important tool to ensure adequate immunization of children and eliminate unnecessary and duplicate vaccinations. For more information, contact Barbara Alston at

Pediatric Care Initiative - Hospitals are exploring new models for in-patient and emergency room pediatric care, propelled by certain economic realities as well as an ongoing commitment to improving patient care and reducing anxiety. The Cooperative assists member institutions as they explore and implement new hybrid units and other changes. Staff provides customized training, clinical consultation and on-site education. For more information, contact Mary Kay Manni, RN at

Coordination - The Cooperative is spearheading efforts to coordinate home visitation services for Medicaid clients across three South Jersey counties. With a standardized assessment form and a centralized intake system - the referral and follow-up services for high-risk patients is vastly improved.