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Postpartum Wellness Initiative for South Jersey


Through the Postpartum Wellness Initiative, the Cooperative is steadily improving services for South Jersey individuals who may be experiencing a mood or anxiety disorder related to pregnancy or the postpartum period. Program staff work closely with Obstetric, Pediatric and Family healthcare providers to identify individuals who may be at risk for developing a perinatal mood disorder with a care management approach. 

New Jersey law requires that healthcare providers screen patients for postpartum depression after giving birth. For prompt identification of individuals at risk, Postpartum Wellness Initiative offers a web-based screening option with the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS). The EPDS is a valid and reliable screening tool that can be administered to individuals after childbirth, however, it is just as valid and reliable during pregnancy.

Individuals who screen at higher risk for developing a perinatal mood disorder are contacted directly by a team member at Postpartum Wellness Initiative who completes a behavioral health assessment, triages and refers to the appropriate level of treatment care. Weekly telephone follow up and support is provided, as needed. In addition, the program offers a strong set of consumer services to complete its comprehensive approach.

Participating Providers

There are significant benefits to becoming a PWI Participating Provider. The ambulatory location is set up with all that is needed to use the web-based screening process and connect with the full services available through this program, including electronic devices as needed. Technical support and training is provided to staff at the healthcare provider site.

A team member from Postpartum Wellness Initiative works with each client to create a plan of care with recommendations tailored to the individual’s needs and provide referrals to the appropriate behavioral health provider. Referrals are made to behavioral health providers in managed care as well as Speak Up When You’re Down for uninsured and underinsured women.

To become a participating provider, email us at

Raising the Bar

The clinical team at Postpartum Wellness Initiative share best practices on patient care related to perinatal mood disorders. Consultations and speaker presentations are available upon request with a member of the team on a wide variety of topics related to perinatal mood disorders. Conferences and workshops led by nationally-recognized experts in the field of perinatal mood disorders are offered on an annual basis.

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Patient Services

For healthcare providers who currently do not participate in the web-based EPDS screening process, clients can access the comprehensive program services offered by Postpartum Wellness Initiative by calling the PWI Warm Line at 856-675-5295.

The PWI Warm Line is a free, confidential telephone call back service where individuals can access program services. Calls are returned during regular business hours, Monday – Friday. The team is not available on weekends or holidays.

PWI is not a 24/7 emergency service.  For immediate assistance, please refer to the nearest emergency room or call 911.

MomMoodBooster is a secure, confidential web-based support intervention that provides an important option for individuals who are experiencing mild to moderate postpartum depression. It is particularly helpful for those who might otherwise not seek treatment because of perceived stigma, cost and logistical difficulties in scheduling counseling visits.

Once enrolled in the program, the participant is able to access six online sessions. Sessions use text, interactions, animations and videos to engage learner interest and follow-through practice skills. Each participant is assigned a personal coach who assists the individual in navigating the program and provides non-therapeutic support and encouragement.

MomMoodBooster is free of charge to individuals who live in South Jersey following an assessment and screening by a team member from Postpartum Wellness Initiative. 

Healthcare providers are encouraged to refer their patients to a support group offered in cooperation with Postpartum Wellness Initiative. These group meetings offer individuals a safe environment to talk openly with others and share their own parenting experiences. Professional facilitators with specialized training in identifying perinatal mood disorders guide the discussion. Each group is free and participants can join at any time.

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An online peer support community forum through Postpartum Wellness Initiative is available through Smart Patients. The PWI team monitors this forum daily to assure individuals from South Jersey are getting the help they need.

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